Cost of dental implants, Milton Keynes

Many people are worried about the cost of dental implants, and sometimes put off having dental implant treatment because of the expense.

As an average guide, a dental implant for a single tooth can cost £2500.

What dental implants will do for you

  • Gives you back your confidence to talk to other people
  • Gives you back a smile with no unsightly gaps
  • Makes you feel happier about yourself
  • Let you speak and eat naturally
  • Overcomes any pain you may have had with missing gaps

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Dental implants cost

Whilst we are confident that you will love the result, we understand that dental implants are expensive and an investment in your health. We offer 12 months 0% finance to help manage the cost and this means you can pay for your dental implants from just £XX per day.

How Smile Rooms can help with dental implants

  • We offer a free trial consultation to talk through all your dental implant options
  • Our expert staff are fully trained in all areas of dental implants
  • We understand patients are nervous and so offer sedation if you need it
  • We have treated hundreds of people throughout Milton Keynes, Maidenhead and Slough with excellent success
  • We offer flexible appointment times so it’s easy to book an appointment for dental implants