Cosmetic dentistry at Smile Rooms Milton Keynes

Do you have a chipped tooth? Discoloured teeth? Uneven, pointy or gappy teeth?

If there’s something that you don’t like about your teeth, you don’t have to put up with it. Cosmetic dentistry covers a range of treatments which can be used to change or enhance the shape, colour, size and finish of your teeth.

Patients throughout Cranfield, Bletchley, Bedford, Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire are increasingly turning to cosmetic dentistry to change things they don’t like about their teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments include teeth whitening, dental veneers, composite bonding and white spot treatment.

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Which cosmetic dental treatments suit me?

At your free initial consultation, we will talk through the options on how to achieve your perfect smile. Cosmetic dental treatments include:

Teeth Whitening Smile Rooms

Teeth Whitening

We have different teeth whitening techniques to remove stains and increase the brightness of your teeth. Your sparkle will be restored!

Dental Veneers at Smile Rooms

Dental Veneers

Thin porcelain veneers are stuck on top of your teeth to give them a smooth even finish. Great to disguise chips, cracks or uneven teeth.

Dental Crowns Milton Keynes smiles

ICON White Spot

This treatment removes white spots which can form on adult teeth. Treatment will restore and protect teeth.

Dental Bridge reading smiles

Teeth Re-shaping & Bonding

Composite bonding is used to disguise flaws such as chips, cracks, gaps and uneven surfaces. Re-shaping gently files teeth into a desired shape.

What is the process for cosmetic dentistry?

Step one

At your free consultation we will discuss what you want to change about your smile, and we will advise what cosmetic dental treatments are best suited.

Step two

We check the health of your teeth. We may x-ray your teeth at this stage.

Step three

The treatments are reviewed with you and provided in a plan for you to look over at home. Cosmetic dental treatment will begin when you are ready, and most can be carried out in just one appointment time. We provide excellent support and aftercare for whatever treatment you choose.

If you decide to go ahead with the treatment we provide excellent support and aftercare to ensure we achieve the best possible result for your smile.

How much does cosmetic dentistry in Milton Keynes cost?

Cosmetic dental treatments vary in price. We offer 0% interest finance options and flexible payment plans that enable you to spread the cost of treatment from just £2.50 per day.

Book your free consultation to discuss which cosmetic dental treatment is right for you. We will talk through the treatment process and discuss the cost too.

For an indication of costs, see our price guide.