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Teeth Whitening in Buckinghamshire

Teeth whitening is a popular dental cosmetic treatment. Hundreds of patients from Bletchley, Cranfield, Milton Keynes, Bedford and throughout Buckinghamshire are getting their teeth whitened to quickly update their smile.

Over time, teeth naturally become discoloured from drinking tea, coffee, red wine and eating spicy food. Smoking also increases staining to teeth.

At Smile Rooms Milton Keynes, we use different teeth whitening treatments to bring back the sparkle. Book your free consultation to find out which is best for you.

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What are the different teeth whitening treatments at Milton Keynes?

Smile Rooms Milton Keynes offers different teeth whitening methods. Some of these teeth whitening techniques take place at our dental surgery and others take place in the convenience of your own home.

All our teeth whitening treatments are overseen by our professional cosmetic dentists. You should never risk the health of your teeth by buying a teeth whitening kit online or from a shop. All our teeth whitening treatments are completely safe and painless.

Some teeth whitening options will give you instant results, whilst others are completed over a longer period.

All treatments will brighten and whiten your teeth to give you a dazzling new smile and boost your confidence!

Enlighten teeth whitening in Milton Keynes

Enlighten teeth whitening takes place at both the dental surgery in Milton Keynes and at your home.

Your cosmetic dentist will arrange for a custom-made mould to be made that will fit your teeth. Once your teeth whitening trays are ready, you will wear them at night for approximately two weeks so that they gradually whiten your teeth.

Your final appointment with your dentist will take about 40 minutes to complete your teeth whitening treatment.

Patients from Milton Keynes and throughout Buckinghamshire are choosing Enlighten teeth whitening as the results are exceptional. Enlighten is the only treatment to guarantee a B1 shade. It is also a good choice if you have sensitive teeth.

The price for Enlighten teeth whitening is £695.

Teeth whitening at home

We offer the option to have teeth whitening at home with our teeth whitening kits. Our cosmetic dentists will make a bespoke mould that fits neatly over your teeth. You will be given approved teeth whitening gel to fill the mould and wear at night.

Most patients notice a difference in the brightness and shade of their teeth between 7 and 10 days of using teeth whitening.

Patients from Milton Keynes, Bedford and throughout Buckinghamshire like being able to whiten teeth in the privacy of their own home and at a time that is convenient to them.

The cost to whiten teeth at home with our bespoke teeth whitening kits is £345.

Power stain removal

Airflow power stain removal is not a teeth whitening treatment but is a powerful teeth cleaning treatment that works well at removing stubborn stain. It is ideal if you drink a lot of coffee, tea, red wine or are a smoker.

Airflow can be used in conjunction with any of the teeth whitening treatments mentioned above.

Airflow power stain removal is quick, easy and gives instant results.
The cost for Airflow stain removal is £78.

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